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I came, I saw, I conquered

- Julius Caesar

Every culture has legends of dragons.
We are the embodiment of those legends.

We are Draconomicon; when darkness falls, we light the way.
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Weekly Update

solonolreksilverwolf, Dec 3, 10 7:53 PM.
        Due to the fact that the officers and myself believe it to be over-complicating things for our guild considering the bank system in game, we have taken off the bank page of the website and will be conducting bank matters in-game from now on. This simplifies things, and allieves work off of the officers and members concerning obtaining items from our airship banks. 

        Also, the events posted on the websites will be "come-as-you-please" events. Since we are a small guild, we would be hard pressed to get a full raid party of members on at the same time. The two weekly events we have are Practice Fridays and Epic Sundays. These are all day events, and are not a requirement in any way. 
        Practice Fridays are for members to try out quest on elite and get familiar with them so that we can run them on epic. Eventually we might actually list which quest we will be doing, but for the meantime, we will be playing it by ear. Also, Practice Fridays offers everyone a chance to get better accustomed to how their fellow guild members play, which also helps should we all be there for an epic run on a particularly hard quest/raid.
        Epic Sundays are pretty straight foward. Kitsune, on her character, Pinkkitsune, will be running this event. On Sundays, those of us who can and want to will be running various epic quest/raids. We probably will have to pug these runs more often than not, but that is not that big of a problem. Since Kitsune works on websites a great deal, she won't be visiting this website very often, but if she states a particular plan for epic sundays, I will update the event for it.
        The "Member of the Month" works now. If you think someone has been contributing a lot towards the guild, feel free to vote for them. It is located on the homepage, on the left side. The current member of the month is Mauldu, due to the system shutting the voting down during the last week of November. Make sure you get your votes in before the last week of this month, because after that the polls will be closed until January. Also, if you are thinking about voting for yourself, (I am talking to you, Limmy), then think again. The system will not let you vote for yourself.

        I have noticed that we have a good number of people around the 10-14 level, which is great. Nothing is more difficult for a guildy than leveling up without being able to hang out with their guild buddies. For the next few weeks, I (Juglans) will be partied up with Cutekitsune (Kitsune) on my sorcerer, Narundial. If you want to party with us, please keep at level with Kitsune or below, so we can get max xp. This is Kitsune's double TR, which means she needs over twice the experience that normal levelers do. Eventually, she will be a completionist on Cutekitsune, which will bring a lot of fame to our guild, so lets help her out where we can.

        Something that was brought to my attention by DrDeath is that the guides we have on the webstie are a little lacking. I would like help on this from anyone who knows some really good guides. Just post the link in the forums in the "Guide" thread under the Website Ideas Forum.

        Its been a busy week for Draconomicon, but a good week none-the-less. We have had a bit of drama, but what group of friends doesn't?  If there is something that you think could be improved on, or would like to see changed, please post your idea/request in the forums under the questions/suggestions area. Anything to help the guild become better would be a blessing.



solonolreksilverwolf, Nov 23, 10 7:11 AM.
As time goes along, we will become more familiar with the schedules of our members, as well as have more characters at hgih end content level. As this happens, you will see gradually more and more events on the calander until eventually we have multiple events a week. While it is perfectly understandable and expected that not every member of the guild show up at the events, we hope that there will be enough opportunities and incintive that every member of the guild will be able to participate in fun guild events every week.

Mabar Endless Night Returns Nov 22 to Nov 28 2010

DDO Krakov, Nov 22, 10 2:25 PM.
The Mabar Endless Night event is returning just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday starting Monday evening, November 22nd and runing through Sunday, November 28th. Also, there will be a +2 drop bonus to chest, which means a few guild runs for ingredients would be cool.
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Mabar Endless Night Returns Nov 22 to Nov 28 2010
Nov 22, 10 2:25 PM
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